Stephen Brown
Entrepreneur, Writer, Collector


It is one of my personal foibles that I collect a number of items that I find very interesting. I started collecting more than forty years ago when my father gave me his coin collection and some old postcards of West Kilbride. Now my entire catalogue of items is collectively called the YERTON COLLECTION. This is because I once owed the Yerton Pottery in West Kilbride where I stored all my items and now I have a company called Yerton Dreamhouse Limited.

Over the years I have collected many things. Some things I have subsequently got rid of, other things I have expanded. In recent years, looking back I have noted some themes to my collecting.

  1. Unlike other collectors, I do not collect to hide things away. Items I collect are for public consumption and interest. For example, I have recently put all my old West Kilbride Postcards (about 1,000) on the Being West Kilbride Facebook group;
  2. I try to save things from destruction, and build an interest. Particularly if these items are in danger of being lost. This is the case of my West Kilbride Crested China collection, Anton Lang collection, or Künstler Der Welt collection (now also on Facebook);
  3. I am concerned that I might leave some kind of legacy that may be appreciated in future years.
  4. I do not collect large items that are hard to store, but try to keep small items that can be easily accessed and viewed.


My present collections are:

Rare Books and Manuscripts – particularly with reference to West Kilbride Guide Books or History Books, but also in relation to my other collections below.

Communion Tokens – my large collection is in the process of being redefined into denominations.

West Kilbride Crested China – These items were in danger of being lost to posterity. I have collected over 50 individual pieces which will shortly feature on Facebook and I have published a book on the matter. Tis collection is occasionally displayed in the local Museum.

West Kilbride Postcards and Photographs – Over a period of forty years I have collected postcards and photographs of my home village. These are now on display in the “Being West Kilbride” Facebook Group.

Künstler Der Welt – a limited edition collection of almost 400 individual artist signed prints from all over the world from the years 1983-85. These prints were given to 1st class customers of Lufthansa Airlines between these years. Each artist (some now very famous) made usually only 150 prints, so many are very rare indeed. Thus far I have managed to collect in excess of 80% of the entire issue.

Anton Lang – The world famous Passionsspiele actor of the pre Nazi era, Anton Lang, was also a potter in his home town of Uberammegau. Much of his work is on the verge of being lost, and so I have collected a considerable amount of his acting memorabilia and also substantial pieces of his stunning pottery. I intend putting this up on Facebook at some point.

In addition to the above I collect particular coins, West Kilbride railway tickets, ephemera, starbucks cards and unpublished works by the Scottish Pottery writer Gerard Quail.

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