Stephen Brown
Entrepreneur, Writer, Collector

Welcome to my personal website.

I use this site to record information, activities, collections, achievements and anything else I am happy to share in the public domain.

As you will see, I have a very varied range of interests, and some very strong beliefs that form a thatched ethical overlay to everything I do. It has served me well to have some guiding principles in life.

This is not a corporate website, so some of my other websites are listed in my profile to the left.

Please connect with me on Facebook, that way you will be sure to have access to all my news first and do feel free to be my friend on Facebook. This helps if you plan on joining one of my Facebook Groups because that way you can message me with comments or questions at any time.

Meantime, I hope you will find something of interest, or that your question will be answered.

Stephen Brown

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